How to make LAN or Adhoc connection on Window 8

How to make Adhoc connection on Window 8

To make Adhoc Network on Window 8 , Just follow this simple step

1: Run CMD ,make sure that CMd is Run As Administrator

2: Type this commad line
     netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<enter network name> key=<your password>  
3: Start the Adhoc network by typing commad 
       netsh wlan start hostednetwork
4: To stop Adhoc network
     netsh wlan stop hostednetwork 

Speed Up Utorrent

  uTorrent is a software that allow us to share Movie,Music,Game and the others things.But the download speed is depend on many factors.Here we are to solve this problem.

Step 1:  Open Options and then Preferences. From here, you must change the settings in the General, Downloads, Connection, BitTorrent and Queue tabs.

Step 2:Change the User Interface Settings so uTorrent does the following:
  • Automatically check for software updates.
  • Ask you to confirm before any torrents are deleted.
  • Exit the program without displaying a confirmation dialog.

Step 3:Enable the following functions. Put a tick next to the settings for System Tray that will make uTorrent do the following:
  • Always display the icon for the system tray.
  • Display notifications in the system tray as pop-up balloons.
  • Minimize the full-screen display to tray.
  • Open the tray icon with a single click.
  • Open uTorrent by clicking on the system tray.

Step 4:Set the Display Options that will enable the following display features:
  • Display the progress bar graphics.
  • Hide the speed limitation in the status bar.
  • Alternate the background color for lists.
  • Block the display of uTorrent download speed in the title bar.

Step 5 :Select the following Windows Integration settings:
  • Press the button to associate uTorrent with torrent downloads.
  • Tick the box for checking association when uTorrent is opened.
  • Uncheck the box for starting uTorrent every time you open your computer's operating system.

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